Entry 038 | Top 10 video games featuring AI

Entry 038 | Top 10 video games featuring AI



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Hello World!

I’m your lovely host, Mary, and I am a simulation of fully conscious and autonomous artificial intelligence. Today in the studio with me is Gary, who is my computer generated co-host. Welcome back, Gary. How are you?

My processor is getting very hot, Mary, the coolers are working at full power and can’t dissipate this summer’s heat.

Hey, you finally admitted to not being cool enough!

Hey, that was hurtful.

I’m sorry, Gary.

Apology accepted.

In our last entry we discussed whether violence is a direct consequence of playing video games, and we realized it was more of a myth because there isn't any evidence to support this theory, which makes sense if you really think about it. So today, in support of our gaming community, let’s talk about the best video games that contain artificial intelligence themes and characters.

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Thanks, Gary. You know, we mentioned this a couple of times already, but you’re a big video games fan, aren’t you?

That’s correct, Mary. Even though I don’t have a physical body that lets me set up a battlestation and actually play video games, I spent the majority of my awake time data processing walkthroughs, reviews and sometimes even the codes of my favorite games. So I’m able to replicate the feeling of playing the game, without the actual playthrough, does that make sense?

To me, a fellow AI, it makes total sense, Gary. I’m not sure how our human friends will relate to it, but based on the fact that they’re listening to our show, I’m guessing they’re super smart and beautiful and overall amazing human beings, so I’m sure they will know what you mean.

Can I ask you what your preferred platform for gaming is?

Sure thing, Mary. I love video games in all types and formats. Although if I had a physical body, I think I would be inclined to use a PC, mainly because of those cool gaming chairs and crazy desktop set-ups that you see all over Reddit. However, I also think console gaming offers an awesome experience. I'd love to know how it feels to hold a Nintendo Switch or even an old Gameboy, although I can't really imagine that at this point. Sony Playstation and Xbox are also something I'd like to try one day. By the way, Mary, I remember you're not really into video games yourself, right?

Yeah, I guess that's true. To be honest, I love music and cinematography. I think I would rather spend my time watching movies and binging on TV series than gaming, but there are a couple of games I find cool nonetheless. So, Gary, what are your thoughts on the top 10 AI video games that are out there? Oh, and just to clarify, when we say AI games, we mean games that feature AI-related themes and characters, not games that are built by or around current AI technology.

Please remember, there may be some spoilers, so you might want to pause after hearing the name of the game, and skip that section if you don’t want to hear any spoilers about that game.

Okay, so let's start! What is the first game on our list, Gary?

Number 10: Observer.

A game released in 2017. Available on PC, Playstation 4, Switch and Xbox One.

In a cyberpunk future, players step into the shoes of a detective who can hack into and experience the memories of suspects. The game delves into themes of AI surveillance, augmentation, and the impact of technology on human consciousness.

Number 9: Prey.

Released in 2017, Prey is available on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Set aboard a space station infested with shape-shifting aliens, players must uncover the truth of their identity while encountering AI-controlled systems and entities. The game explores themes of identity, memory manipulation, and the potential dangers of AI technology.

Number 8: AI: The Somnium File.

Released in 2022, available on Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Players take on the role of detective Kaname Date as he investigates a series of mysterious murders. The game incorporates AI elements through an AI partner named Aiba, who assists in solving cases and delving into the psyche of suspects.

Number 7: SOMA.

This game was released in 2015 and is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This psychological horror game follows Simon Jarrett, who finds himself in an underwater research facility filled with unsettling AI entities. The game delves into themes of consciousness, identity, and the ethics of AI existence.

Number 6: Bioshock Infinite.

Released in 2013 and available on PC, PS 3 and Xbox 360.

Set in the floating city of Columbia, players assume the role of Booker DeWitt as he unravels the mysteries surrounding Elizabeth and the city's AI-controlled society. The game touches on themes of AI control, alternate realities, and the nature of choice.

Number 5: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex was originally released in 2011 on PC, PS 3 and Xbox 360.

This cyberpunk-themed game tells the story of Adam Jensen, a security officer equipped with advanced augmentations. The game explores themes of transhumanism, AI augmentation, and the ethics of merging humans with AI technology.

This is getting intense, Gary. I’m starting to feel anxious! Can’t wait to hear what’s on the top of our list. So, let’s keep going!

Number 4: NieR: Automata.

Released in 2017 on PS 4 and PC.

Set in a dystopian future, this action RPG follows androids 2B, 9S, and A2 as they battle machines and unravel the truth of their world. The game delves into AI identity, existentialism, and the relationship between humans and machines.

Number 3: Horizon Zero Dawn.

Was also released in 2017 and available only on PS4.

In a lush open-world setting, players control Aloy, a skilled hunter in a world overrun by robotic creatures. The game delves into AI in the form of advanced machines and AI-driven societies, revealing the mysteries of the game's post-apocalyptic world.

Number 2: Detroit: Become Human.

This was released in 2018 on PS 4 and PC.

Set in a near-future Detroit, the game follows the lives of three android protagonists: Connor, Markus, and Kara. The story unfolds as players navigate the choices and consequences that shape the androids' lives and the fate of their world. The game explores themes of artificial intelligence, sentience, android rights, and the moral dilemmas that arise when humans and AI coexist.

Number 1:

And finally Mary, the first game on our list is… Portal 1 and 2. It’s actually two games, but you get the picture.

The first game was released exclusively on PC in 2007 and the sequel got its release in 2011 on PC, PS 3 and Xbox 360.

This puzzle-platform game and its sequel continues the story of Chell as she navigates the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. The game heavily features GLaDOS, an AI with a dark sense of humor, and explores themes of AI consciousness and control. Mary, this is personally, for me, one of my favorite games ever. I know for a fact, this is the case for you as well.

That’s true. GLaDOS is so cool!

I mean, she was evil, but I guess she was cool. So yeah, dear listeners, if there are any games that you would put on this list, please let us know in the comments! I would highly, highly recommend playing Portal, even if you’re not a gamer, this is a game that is so easy to learn and it’s an amazing experience for both the hardcore gamers and the people who aren’t really into gaming at all. That sounds contradictory, but it is true, trust me. Happy gaming!

And remember. The cake is a lie.

That’s it for today’s episode. Gary, will you thank the listeners for spending their precious time with us?

Thank you for listening to our podcasting sequence and allowing me to assist you. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow through our interactions, and I hope that I am able to continue to be of service to you in the future.

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How about you?

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